August 6, 2017

Renovation begins

Renovation begins on Monday at the church in Kampala.  They will be plastering and painting the workshop MOPS gets to use.  We will have tables and chairs and a large storage cabinet that locks.  In front of the workshop, the church has allowed MOPS to build a large vegetable garden.  We need to raise money to pay for the compost and garden bags. The total need for the garden is 500
dollars.    Eventually, we hope to have 20 large garden bags that hold 100 plants each.  Potentially it will provide vegetables for the entire church.  Life in a dark place...hope for the for the hungry.  We thank you for your giving.  We are moving forward.  And soon the women will have their own sewing workshop.  We still need the money for the machines.  But we trust they will be provided.

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