July 29, 2017

Angellah Kahinda

My name is Angellah Kahinda.
Am 16 years old. I never went a higher level of learning in school. I stopped in second grade. I can't write nor read. My baby's name is Favor Masika she's 5 months old...Am a refugee from Congo living in Uganda I stay with my mother, two sisters and two brothers in a one roomed house. Me and my mother sell street food on the streets of Katwe... We earn 2 dollars on a good day, and on a bad day we don't sell anything or earn less than a dollar. Sometimes my baby gets sick because hospitals are so expensive I use local vine medicine. Am so motivated by other teen mothers like me in my group to work hard and stand strong as a woman. My wish is to learn a skill in hair dressing and be like the girls doing tailoring in future they will be able to take good care of themselves and those of their children. Being a refugee is hard but I thank Jesus and my MOPS group for

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