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Just one of many stories

Hanifa’s Story(Because of the COVID19 lockdown, poverty has increased. Many girls now are at risk of being child brides. Let us pray for these young women. Hanifa's story is the story of far too many women. )Kampala, early 2010s. A man leaned out of his car at a busy intersection. “Hey, you, 3 Matooke[1] please, and hurry!”Hanifa rushed over to the man’s window with her basket of Matooke on her head. “Yes, Ssebo,[2] that will be 1500 Shillings,[3] please.”The man scrambled to get the money out of his wallet while Hanifa pulled 3 portions of Matooke out of her basket. With all the cars, motorcycles, and trucks, you had to move fast. Any sale had to be done before the light turned green. “Here you go, Ssebo, have a good afternoon.”The light turned and the man drove on. Hanifa sighed. She has been up since 4.30 in the morning, and over 12h later, not even five customers. Again.She stood up straight and adjusted her balance. Time to go home. “There’s always tomorrow. At least Aunt…

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