October 17, 2017

We need sponsorers for the following women

We need sponsorers for the following women. We need one person to give 60 dollars a month or two people to give 30 per month for each of these women. The money will be given to them for food and living expenses as they learn to be tailors for the next two years. We can not add them to our tailoring class unless we find them, sponsors. To sponsor a women simple email us at teenmopskampala@t-online.de . You can donate on PayPal or gofund me. The address is on the sidebar of this blog. We are also considering google wallet. 100% of your donation will go to the women. Nothing is being taken for administration costs. You can also send birthday and Christmas gifts to the family. These women will be able to quit their jobs selling corn or soda on the streets of Kampala. They will receive a two-year training in the profession of tailoring. They will receive fresh food from our garden, participate in a monthly feast and continue to receive the support of our TEEN MOPS ministry. With this training, they can earn a better living and send their children to school. The cycle of poverty will be broken. This is a two-year program. We thank you for considering a two-year commitment to change a families future. Thank you!

1. Juliet Nalujja Baby on the way soon
2.  Her name is Nanyombi Masitulah the baby is Shamairah Tailoring  (Has found a sponsor for the next year and we are so glad)😊
3. Nalutaayah Twawiyah... Tailoring.. Baby on the way












October 15, 2017

Thank you for this joy!

Yesterday the moms in teen MOPS Kampala got an early Christmas present. We bought them two semi-industrial sewing machines. They can now continue to finish the 1800 sanitary pads for the school girls. We sadly do not have the funds to buy more machines or pay the salary of a sewing teacher. We are waiting on the support we pray will eventually come. But the women have kept busy building gardens and hand sewing pads. And we are so grateful for everyone who has prayed and given. Hope is alive in Kampala. So much more needs to be done, but we celebrate the progress we see. We thank God for such great days!

 Sylvia Nantango wrote this... The largest population in Uganda is 18 to 25 years, education is not free at any level...and I believe through MOPS in relationship to Jesus this cycle of extreme poverty is soon to be broken. And I totally agree with this proverb "You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime". (Chinese Proverb).... How? Please pray for teen moms in Teen MOPS ministry, their children, Adopt a teen mom in Teen MOPS ministry for two years by contributing $60 a month or two families adopting a teen mom each contributing $30 a month towards her learning a skill in order to break the cycle of extreme poverty....This is what happens if you adopt a teen mom in Teen MOPS group she will be able to learn a skill, be able to support herself, take her child in a good school, afford good medical care for her family... And her entire generation will be bright. Join us in praying for more sewing machines... the goal is to at least have 6 semi-industrial sewing machines (we now have 2 machines. A machine cost $300). One more thing....Tell your friends and those that think Poor people deserve a better life about us. When women come together incredible things happen! Thank you so much!

October 11, 2017

the garden is growing

These are sweet potatoes. They seem pretty happy in the new raised garden sacks.

October 3, 2017

You go deeper and deeper into the mud because there is no traction.

Last night my husband and I watched the film, Lion. I don’t want to give too much away if you have not seen it. We have 3 adopted children. And we cried over the fear and anxiety of this boy as he finds himself lost. But the thing I kept thinking about all night is the poverty. This Indian single mother is not much different than the mothers we support in Uganda. She makes very little money. Her 2 sons collect coal from the train tracks to buy milk. And milk, one cup of milk is what they have to eat in the day. The mother does not eat, she sacrifices her portion for her children. And there is no hope of education. No hope to escape this absolute poverty. They are rich in love, but there is no hope. The women in teen MOPS Kampala are not lazy. I can see a picture of a car stuck in the mud. You put your foot on the gas, and your wheels just spin. You go deeper and deeper into the mud because there is no traction. But if you place boards under the tires, the car's wheels stop spinning...and all that energy actually starts to propel the car forward. Our women work very hard. Sometimes 10 hours a day selling corn and soda on the streets. But they do not make more than one or two dollars. If they learn a trade, they will earn much more money. A trade will act as a board under the wheels of a car. Their daily effort will actually produce some traction to propel them out of this pit called poverty. Their children will be able to go to school. Their story will be different than it seems at the moment. But we need your help. We are about to open the tailoring workshop. We can train 10 women to sew. But we need some people who will agree to sponsor these women. We want to give them 2 dollars a day to cover the cost of their housing and food for the next two years. We think if we can find 2 people to basically adopt one woman at 30 dollars a month it could be affordable. So I am asking for people to consider sponsoring one of our women 30 dollars a month for the next two years. We see a path for them and their kids. But they cannot arrive there without your help. Email me at teenmopskampala@t-online.de if you want to sponsor one of our women. I can give you a photo and the name of the women you sponsor. You can know the name of her child or children. You can send her mail or gifts. You can pray for her. I am sorry but we are just a MOPS group helping another MOPS group. We cannot offer you a tax credit for your donations. You can pay your donation by pay pal, go fund me or send it directly to Uganda by western union. We can even figure out a bank transfer. I take no money for administration costs. 100% will go to the moms. This is a labor of love. My husband and I joke that the MOPS group in Kampala is our 4th adoption. The difference is we adopted 20 families. But we cannot do this alone. So we thank you for considering sponsorship. Your support will make a real difference.

September 30, 2017

They have a home and how wonderful it is

The women have been renovating the workshop for the past 6 weeks. Today they celebrated a feast inside! They used the IKEA dishes I sent them. That may not seem like such a big deal. But they never had plates or cups or utensils before. So now they have a wall with photos. And you are invited to send them pictures for their wall. If you are a fan of teen MOPS Kampala, send them a photo or a picture. Let's cover the walls with photos of people from around the world that care.

September 26, 2017

a baby is due soon and we need a sponsor

This is Juliet Nalujja. Her baby is due in a few weeks. She has managed to save 50 dollars, a normal delivery cost 150 dollars and a C-section will cost 350 dollars. Considering these girls make 1 to 2 dollars a day I think it is amazing she has saved so much. I need someone(s) willing to sponsor her birth. We are hoping for a healthy birth and we need 100 dollars.THERE IS A PAYPAL LINK HERE: Any additional giving will go to the next medical need. Thank you for your care.

my new blog

The new address is https://mopshelpwomen.blogspot.de/ I am building a new blog. It will house ideas on soap making, gardens, and washable sanitary pads. Feel free to comment with ideas you want me to add. Right now there is one post on the basic soap. But I will add to this over time. I also added a link to this blog on the sidebar of this blog.

We need sponsorers for the following women

We need sponsorers for the following women. We need one person to give 60 dollars a month or two people to give 30 per month for each of the...