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Christmas party, a need for school fees and medical bills

The Christmas party is scheduled for Thursday.  The women will cook a feast and invite the local children to eat, play games and hear the Christmas story.  Last year the archbishop of Uganda's Catholic church stopped by when they had their party.  This was a big honor. We really have nothing special for the children in our group.  We are hoping maybe next year to at least give our children shoe box gifts.  But for them, even food is a great thing.   
We have one woman in the group, Paullina that needs a C section in January.  This will cost about 300 euros.  If anyone wants to contribute to this need, you can contact me.  Or just give to our PayPal or go fund me.  We are in the process of founding a German NGO.  Soon, you can donate to our German NGO and receive a tax credit.  
And next month we will also need school fees for 15 kids.  That is 100 USD for a term or 300 USD for the year. I am actively looking for an organization to pick up the school fees for our children.  There…

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