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the news is all good

First, the two young women that were in domestic violence situations got moved into a safe room they will share.  They got new mattresses, some dishes, a stove, and blankets.   They have 6 months paid in advance, and they are safe.  We can still use donations towards this emergency need.
GoFundme is here and PayPal is here.  Thank you! 

And the women in the sewing workshop will be ready to sell the dresses they are making by Christmas.  It is our short-term goal to earn the money needed for 3 more months of fabric.  Perhaps in 6 more months, they will be selling enough of the dresses and other goods to pay for the sewing teachers salary.    And eventually, they will earn enough to sponsor the other womens education as hairdressers.  Their progress is fast.   But we still have need of sponsors for 3 women attending the sewing class.  They are coming but have no money for food.  Please consider monthly sponsorship.  You can find out more here. 

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Hard realities and concrete hope

I do not want to judge a grandmother that lives in a slum.  She is very poor.  It must be like swimming in the ice cold water after the sinking of the Titanic.  Maybe she feels like she is drowning?  But we just started to sponsor Masitulah 2 dollars a day so she could attend sewing school.  The money is for food.  And the grandmother beat her and took her money.  She has to find a new place to live. She is only 15 years old.
  And another one of the moms, Angellah had to escape a dangerous living situation.  She is now on the street with her baby. It is raining in Kampala.   So MOPS is going to help the two women pay for a room they can share.   It is more like a hut with no electricity or water.  Just 35 dollars a month.   We will help cover the deposit and a mattress and some blankets, a few dishes and a stove.  It is not much, but it gets them off the street.  If you want to help us cover this emergency the cost is 350 dollars (that is the 6-month rental deposit and the blankets…

Sanyu says she is willing to starve if she can go to sewing school.

This is Juliet with her new baby boy.  Juliet is 18 years old and lives with her sister.  Her sister works in a small shop and cannot afford to give Juliet more than a roof over her head.  The sewing class has already begun but Juliet still waits for a sponsor.

 And this is Sanyu. 
Sanyu says she is willing to starve if she can go to sewing school.  We would like her to join the class but she needs money to pay for food.  And to be honest, we cannot afford to cover all the expenses without more help.  A total of 4 women are not in the tailoring classes for lack of 2 dollars a day each.  We thank you for any donation towards their living expenses.I want to tell them they can join the class, but I’m waiting for your help.
Sanyu  and her baby's name is Jonathan

Go fund me  link is here.

PayPal link is here.

More about sponsorship is HERE

School has begun again

We thank you for your support.  The tailoring school has begun in our own MOPS workshop.  4 of the women in the class still need sponsorship.  They still need 3 more machines.  We also need money for some cribs.  But look at the amazing work they are already producing!

click here to see the women who need sponsors. 

A full sponsorship is 60 dollars a month, half a sponsorship is 30 a month.  

This money goes to the women for food and living expenses, 100% with no administration costs or even transfer fees. We have nursing moms living on one meal a day.This will enable them to have a steady diet as they attend school.And we are so grateful for your consideration!
Our PayPal is here.

GoFundMe is Here.

Good News

Happy News. We have a teacher for the workshop in Kampala. She was an orphan from a genocide in The Congo. She was taken to an orphanage in France and trained to be a tailor in Paris. She is the divorced mother of 3 girls. And will consider Teen MOPS her family because all her family has been lost. 6 women will begin tailoring school next Monday. It is two years of training. 4 more women want to learn to tailor but still need sponsorship.
Here is the list of our women that need sponsors. 
Thank you for your gifts.  Everything is making a big difference.  You need many bricks to build a house.  Every single gift is important.  Each gift is providing a piece of the material that is  bringing these women hope.We thank you!

Other good news- Olive got a sponsor for the next year.  We have not found her a school yet.  She wants to learn some kind of food or hotel business.  We need to nail down what she wa…

not too late to dream of more

I want to tell you about an earthquake of sorts that took place in Kampala. It might not be the sort of thing you would take note of. I’m pretty sure it would not be of much significance in the natural world.But I’m pretty sure God noticed it.First of all Favor, the coordinator of the MOPS groups in Zambia invited Sylvia Nantango to come teach her women skills.They did a fundraiser and bought Sylvia a plane ticket.She travels December 9-17.Her 2nd International flight.I suspect there will be many flights in Sylvia's future.She is an extraordinary person.But she will not be traveling alone.She travels with one of her leaders who dreamed to go as a teacher.And her name is Olive.Olive is 39 years old and expressed a desire to travel with Sylvia.  She works as a teacher and she has 2 grown children.  And the thing that I believe pleased God is she took the step of faith and got her first passport.She has faithfully served the MOPS group in Kampala and now she believes for more.And I …

We need sponsorers for the following women

We need sponsorers for the following women. We need one person to give 60 dollars a month or two people to give 30 per month for each of these women. The money will be given to them for food and living expenses as they learn to be tailors for the next two years. We can not add them to our tailoring class unless we find them, sponsors. To sponsor a women simple email us at . You can donate on PayPal or gofund me. The address is on the sidebar of this blog. We are also considering google wallet. 100% of your donation will go to the women. Nothing is being taken for administration costs. You can also send birthday and Christmas gifts to the family. These women will be able to quit their jobs selling corn or soda on the streets of Kampala. They will receive a two-year training in the profession of tailoring. They will receive fresh food from our garden, participate in a monthly feast and continue to receive the support of our TEEN MOPS ministry. With this train…