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What we will do on our missions trip

Last year we paid the medical costs for a mom and a child who were badly burned.  They cook on wood fires.  It is dangerous.  And one project I have in mind is building mud stoves.  These save on wood and they are safer than traditional fires.  

We need water in the vegetable garden.  And buying water is very expensive.  So we want to install rain gutters.  And we want to install IBC Totes as rain barrels.  They hold 1000 liters of water each.  If they are built on a firm foundation with shipping pallets, the water can flow out by gravity.  It is a cheap and low-cost solution.   Something like this, but only with pallets. 

We are also thinking of building a chicken coop like this.  But we will use cinder blocks at the base.  They have a problem with termites. 

We also want to give them outdoor seating in the two workshops. So we would like to build some pallet furniture

.  If you think you might want to travel with us to Uganda Augest25- September 8 please contact me (Amy). If you …

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