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Teaching soap in Zambia

Sylvia and Olive have gone to Zambia to teach the MOPS groups to make soap .  We hope they can use the skill to generate money for the moms how have needs.  Many women in Zambia are well off but there are also many who struggle financially. It is a blessing to share skills.  We hope it helps.

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We need your prayers

The sewing teacher Milliam was robbed and beaten up on her way to work today.  They had to take her to a clinic and she is traumatized.  They took her bag.  I am hoping she was not carrying all her money.  She was paid this week.  We need badly people who will commit to pray for the safety of all the women.  It is a very dangerous area.

Thank you!

Sylvia told me that they had their monthly feast and everyone was there.  She was busy feeding the babies so she did not take pictures.  She said it was wow!!! And they told Sanyu and
Juliet they are being sponsored for one month by Brittany’s MOPS group in Wyoming.  They did a fundraiser and had money enough for them.  It brought tears to their eyes.  These two women have been attending the sewing classes hungry.  Now, for at least one month they will have food.  We are so grateful for everyone who has donated.  You are truly changing lives and delivering hope.  Thank you!
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The girls that still need monthly support HERE

the washable sanitary pads for the 300 school girls in rural Uganda are finished

The women have finished the washable sanitary pads for the 300 school girls in rural Uganda.There is a long vacation for winter.School is closed December until February.But in February the MOPS group will be delivering 1800 washable sanitary pads to 300 school girls.It is our hope these pads will help these girls stay in school.Some 30% of the girls in Uganda leave school because they lack the money for sanitary pads.Sex education is not often taught in school.So the plan is to deliver the pads and also teach these girls some basic sex education.

Sylvia and Olive are traveling soon to Zambia.They will be teaching the women in the MOPS group to make soap.The group in Kampala managed to sell about 50 dollars’ worth of soap this month.It is only a small portion of their expenses, but it is a start.And the women in the tailoring school are making cloths to sell next month.Again our expectations are modest.We hope they can earn the money to buy the fabric they need for the sewing class.But…

There is mumps in Kampala

There is mumps in Kampala. At least one of our women has it. I fear all the women have been exposed to it. Please pray for them. I will send money for medical care. If you want to participate in this fund please message me. One baby is very sick. We will pay for the doctor. I've asked Sylvia to close the workshop for at least a week to protect everyone. And we will need to pursue the vaccination of all the women and children. This will perhaps be expensive. Maybe there is a program we can connect with. But for now, I fear everyone will get the mumps. I'm feeling very distressed...powerless. But God is able to care for them.

Can you manage more good news?

We got the money for the 5th and 6th sewing machines.  6 machines was our goal for the workshop.  How amazing that we have reached this goal!!!   And the garden is growing.  The women are starting to harvest vegetables!  We would like to build them a giant chicken coop so they can eat eggs with their spinach!We are so excited about the progress!

the news is all good

First, the two young women that were in domestic violence situations got moved into a safe room they will share.  They got new mattresses, some dishes, a stove, and blankets.   They have 6 months paid in advance, and they are safe.  We can still use donations towards this emergency need.
GoFundme is here and PayPal is here.  Thank you! 

And the women in the sewing workshop will be ready to sell the dresses they are making by Christmas.  It is our short-term goal to earn the money needed for 3 more months of fabric.  Perhaps in 6 more months, they will be selling enough of the dresses and other goods to pay for the sewing teachers salary.    And eventually, they will earn enough to sponsor the other womens education as hairdressers.  Their progress is fast.   But we still have need of sponsors for 3 women attending the sewing class.  They are coming but have no money for food.  Please consider monthly sponsorship.  You can find out more here.