Day 18 Regrets

Truth- what is your biggest regret?  What do you need to forgive yourself for?
Dare-send a note of encouragement to the person you least want to send it to.

The thing I regret the most is not saying no when the nurse, had me sign a paper allowing them to give my 18 month old daughter Jessica 5 vaccinations in one day. 

Jessica is now 25 years old and non verbal

potholes and pits

There are pot holes and there are pits. To this point, I had never really fallen into a pit. I had no idea how to handle what was happening, no idea at all. When you run over a pothole, it shakes you up a little. Sometimes the pothole is so large, it can even cause some car damage. That would require a day or so in the shop. But a pit is different. You fall into a dark hole, and when you get up to inspect for damage, you often fall off the ledge even further down. If fact one of the scariest parts about falling into a pit is being in the dark, and never knowing when and if you have really hit the bottom. When Jessica was 18 months old she had 5 immunization shots in one day. I remember asking the nurse if it was a problem that Jessica was sick and taking antibiotics for an ear infection. I should have used my best instincts and said "no" not today. But they were the medical professionals. I was just a first-time mom. What could go wrong? But within 4 days things went terribly wrong. It has been wrong for 24 years now. Jessica lost her voice. I thought we would just spend some time in the shop, get the car repaired and be back on our way. Instead of getting on the road, I have had the challenge of learning to live my life inside this hole...and I know now I may never be allowed to recover from that fall.


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