Day 19

Truth what is the motto for this era of your life`?
Dare-  Use the words "I enjoy you" to tell someone you love them.

I do not have a life motto, but I found these on Pinterest.  I like all of them.

I hug my dog a lot and eat too much

just watch me

not my circus and not my monkeys
I would never use these words.  But I am asking why I care so much what others think. In the end, only God's opinion counts.

 I was talking to Juergen about this.  I asked him if he had a life motto.  He jokingly said, "suck it up".  But sadly it is no joke.  He has had to deal with so much stuff from others.

Our real life motto has been you can not change the entire world but you can change the world for one.  My families motto growing up was only one life it soon will pass, only what's done for christ will last.  


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