Day 2

Truth; what is your favorite thing that has happen in the dark?  Journal about the experience.
Dare:  Go outside and count 100 stars. Then make an audacious wish on the brightest star.  After all, wishes are hope-filled prayers.

Ok, it is day two of this 28-day challenge.  I personally will not blog about my favorite thing that has happen in the dark. I am a happily married woman

(A member of the happy wives club) and that would be way too private.  Sorry! Tonight I counted  stars instead.  My family had a bonfire tonight.  And while I was outside I counted the stars with my 14-year-old daughter Sarah.  And we both made wishes.  I technically was supposed to count stars tomorrow night (April 2nd).  Don’t go calling the MOPS police on me.  I am under no legal obligation to fulfill this challenge.  We were already in the garden looking at the stars.  So I went ahead and got that off my to-do list.

wishing on a star with Sarah
the first fire of the year

  My wish had something to do with the teenage MOPS group in Kampala Uganda.  I just adopted this group.  I’m doing all that I can to raise the money they need to go to school.  My “one big thing” will be to send the money necessary to send 3 of these moms to tailoring school for one year.  They want to begin school on May 1st.  It cost about $450 per women to attend a tailoring college for a year.  We have already raised the funds for one woman.  We need money for the other two.  I would gladly accept cash or PayPal.  You can also send donations through our go fund me account.  My wish is to send 3 women to tailoring college.  I also want to buy the MOPS group sewing machines and provide them with the martial they need to make cloth shopping bags.  With the profits they make from the bags, we can send a few more women to hairdressing school. I’m also teaching them how to make soap and how to garden. So my audacious wish would be about seeing all 20 of these teenage mothers who make less than 1 dollar a day equipped with the skills they need to pay for their kids to go to school, to pay for food and the other basic needs of life.  That these women would find the steps they need to begin to climb out of poverty.   That some of their children would even attend university.   
One of the teen moms in Kampala Uganda
This video is about being a happy wife. I am a happy wife.   I just found it and it is great stuff.  So if you read this whole get this bonus. 

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