DAY 27

I am doing the Dare on day 27, no internet for 24 hours. So I'll be offline from 8 am Thursday until 8 am on Friday. I'll check my mail in the AM, but then I'm worries. Good things to say on Friday

 On day 27 of the challenge I took the dare.  It was to be off line for 24 hours.  So from 8 am Thursday to 8am Friday I was off line.  For some of you that would be no big deal.  For me, it was a minor deal.  I do stay connected with my family and friends on line.  I get email about important stuff.  But 24 hours is not such a big deal.  I have often been off line while traveling.  Yesterday I shopped, walked the dog and listened to a book.  I was sick (am sick) with a cold.  Jessica and Sarah have both had a bad cold.  It would have been great to escape it, but no such thing.  So at one point yesterday I even took a long nap.  It was not actually a productive day.  I had no great clarity about life, no new revelations.  Just a head cold, and an audible book I’ll need to listen to again because I slept through half of it. 


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