Day 6 privacy

What do you wish your partner knew, but you have never quite had the courage to share because it is too embarrassing or too vulnerable?  Say it out loud to them today.
Dare-get frisky with your love somewhere new.  Surprise him with an amorous overture when he least expects it.

I’m thinking maybe I should have read the questions before I agreed to blog about them. I’m not telling you the details of my love life. I did tell Juergen about this challenge.  He said I should tell you that he is a "strong supporter of MOPS".  
I have no embarrassing secrets hidden from my man.  I feel pretty safe to say most everything.  There are times I buy furniture on eBay without asking him.  Eventually,  I do come around to admitting my bad habit.  But that is the worst of it.
 If and when I get frisky with Jürgen, it is none of your business.   
I can write about privacy.  I remember when Jürgen and I first got married.  We lived in Southern California.  I do not know if it was just the culture, or what.  But women in the locker room would talk about their sex lives.  Criticizing or bragging.  Sharing their most intimate details with girlfriends at the gym.  Yes, I know…I had a gym membership at one point in my life!  That was BC (before children).  I always felt it was distasteful to talk about the intimate details of your relationship.  Jürgen and I agreed not to talk about the details of our physical relationship with anyone.  Our relationship belongs to us, and I feel safe because it is not known by you or anyone else.  This privacy encourages vulnerability and security.  And it is going to stay that way. 
This is my opinion but the only time I think people should talk about their physical relationship is when they have problems.  And even then, I think it is not something to be shared with a group.  At least not the details.  That should be talked about with a counselor or an agreed upon friend.  I think trust and vulnerability go together.  There are all sorts of things that can destroy trust.  If you feel like you cannot be fully yourself in a relationship without it being talked about…that kills trust.  Anyway, that is what I think.  Maybe I’m old fashion?  But I have been married going on 27 years, and we are happy. Naturally, I would never agree to anyone keeping quiet about abuse.  Do not stay in an abusive situation.  Leave.  Get counseling, but leave and then get counseling.  

These videos are on vulnerability. 

If you liked that watch this too. 


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