And to me, it was as if God was saying yes

I was sleepless.  I knew what must be done.  We had to provide money so our women could quit their jobs. There was no way they could work day and night with their children. School from 10 am to 4 pm, work from 5 pm to midnight.  NO!   They would surely fail.  They could not succeed in school without food and sleep.  It would be cruel to do that to the kids.  But I'm committing to feeding them for 2 years. And my friend Sylvia once told me "Mama Amy, I made a promise to God", "I can not let them down".  So I said yes.  I'll do it.  I do not have the money, but it is the right thing to do.  So I sent the money for the first two weeks.  I told Sylvia we need to do this. And 4 hours after I sent the money a friend of mine comes to my house.  They put money in my hand.  And they tell me to feed them.  I go inside my house and count the money.  And it is exactly what we need for the first month.  And to me, it was as if God was saying yes.     


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