Some highs and some lows

The women in the sewing school are making good progress.  Here is

Nakasujja Mary....Showing us her progress in tailoring.There is a prayer request.  The owner of the school has taken on MANY new students.  There are only 5 machines available for 20 or 30 students.  So our 5 women are not getting much time using a machine.  And the school owner is starting to exploit them for their labor.  She offered them 1 dollar if they would sew 10 pairs of shorts for school uniforms.  So now we are considering hiring a teacher to teach just our 5 women.  But we need sewing machines.  And if they make clothes (like school uniforms) the money should go to them and for the tuition and materials.  The teacher will get a fixed price, the women and MOPS will get the profits.   

WE ask you to pray for Olive.  She got burnt in her room.....She cooks inside her room. The door hit boiling water which was still boiling on the charcoal. And got poured on her leg. She has no health insurance or money.  They were not sure what could be done.  The best advice I could give was to wash it in very cold water, Dry the wound and cover it heavily with coconut oil.  I'm sure she should see a doctor but there is no money.  So please pray for her.  

 Finally, work has begun on a demonstration garden.  The first step is making good compost to put in the garden bags.  So Sylivia and her mom are creating several piles of compost.  It will take months for this compost to mature.  Eventually, they will use it to make (hopefully) 10 very large garden bags.  These special bags are designed to hold 100 plants each.  So 10 will hold 1000 plants.  That is the goal & they are taking steps to see this happen.  



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