not too late to dream of more

I want to tell you about an earthquake of sorts that took place in Kampala.  It might not be the sort of thing you would take note of.  I’m pretty sure it would not be of much significance in the natural world.  But I’m pretty sure God noticed it.  First of all Favor, the coordinator of the MOPS groups in Zambia invited Sylvia Nantango to come teach her women skills.  They did a fundraiser and bought Sylvia a plane ticket.  She travels December 9-17.  Her 2nd International flight.  I suspect there will be many flights in Sylvia's future.  She is an extraordinary person.  But she will not be traveling alone.  She travels with one of her leaders who dreamed to go as a teacher.  And her name is Olive.  Olive is 39 years old and expressed a desire to travel with Sylvia.  She works as a teacher and she has 2 grown children.  And the thing that I believe pleased God is she took the step of faith and got her first passport.    She has faithfully served the MOPS group in Kampala and now she believes for more.  And I know this pleases God.  It blessed me too.  And I knew I should buy her a ticket.  And so I did.  Uganda is going to send 2 teachers to Zambia to teach soap making, bead making, and mat weaving.  And I expect more women from the MOPS group in Kampala to travel around this world as teachers.  They will equip other women and help them break this cycle of poverty.  There has been a spiritual earthquake.  Mountains are going to move.  We may not see it yet with our physical eyes, but the world is about to change because faith is present. And it encourages me to know that your life is not set in stone.  That even when you are almost 40 years old the world can shift and new paths can open up to you.  I personally turn 56 years old in one week.  I'm so grateful that my life is not fixed in stone.  That my world keeps expanding...and faith is the reason.  God will make a way for the teenage moms in Kampala.  But he is using leaders like Sylvia and Olive. And God uses you too.   We are so grateful for your prayers and your support.We continue to seek sponsors for nearly all our teen moms so they can attend school.  check this post for more details.

What Sylvia wrote about Olive
She's faithful servant of GOD and MOPS
Every time we need her she's there....She's always there
No day that has ever come when she has missed...
Other leaders serve but Olive is exceptional"


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