Hard realities and concrete hope


I do not want to judge a grandmother that lives in a slum.  She is very poor.  It must be like swimming in the ice cold water after the sinking of the Titanic.  Maybe she feels like she is drowning?  But we just started to sponsor Masitulah 2 dollars a day so she could attend sewing school.  The money is for food.  And the grandmother beat her and took her money.  She has to find a new place to live. She is only 15 years old.
  And another one of the moms, Angellah had to escape a dangerous living situation.  She is now on the street with her baby. It is raining in Kampala.   So MOPS is going to help the two women pay for a room they can share.   It is more like a hut with no electricity or water.  Just 35 dollars a month.   We will help cover the deposit and a mattress and some blankets, a few dishes and a stove.  It is not much, but it gets them off the street.  If you want to help us cover this emergency the cost is 350 dollars (that is the 6-month rental deposit and the blankets, mattress, stove, and dishes).  They can cover the monthly costs when they both get a sponsor.
HERE is our GoFund Me, and our PayPal if you want to help.  If you want to help sponsor Angella or one of our other women look here.  
Today we received the money for another sewing machine.  That makes our 4th machine.  Our goal is to have 6 machines.  I have already sent the money through  Western Union.  God willing they will have the machine delivered tomorrow.  Life is very hard in Uganda.  But we still see progress.  Little by little, we will see these women educated.  Thank you very much for the new sewing machine.  And please pray for  Angellah and Masitulah.


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