Could you do a soap fundraiser for Suubi soap & your group

The business license is being processed.  It may take another one to two months to get our license.  In the meantime, they are making soap.  Cold processed soap takes 3 to 6 weeks to cure (or dry).  God willing, we will have a good stock of soap to sell once we have a license to sell it.   We need business capital.  We wonder if anyone would want to help us by doing a soap fundraiser?  We can ship you 300 bars of soap.  You can sell it for 5 dollars a bar.  Keep 2 dollars for your group (sports group, church group, youth group) and send the 3 dollars a bar to Kampala to help our Suubi soap company get established.  That would be 900 dollars for Kampala and 600 for your group.  We pay for the soap and the shipping.  All our profits will go to support our teen moms and the NGO that is being established to train them.   All the risk is ours.  We hope we can find 48 groups or individuals that can sell 300 bars of handmade Suubi soap over the next 12 months.  If we had this much capital we could establish a hairdressing school.  And we could finish training our moms in tailoring.  We can realistically make soap for 4 groups a month.  The soap would be nicely packaged in cloth bags made by our sewing workshop. It will be labeled with the ingredients, and our email address and blog address.  It would be vegan soap made with vegetable oil and coconut oil, and lemon scented.  The soap can be shipped by DHL anywhere in the world for the same price.  So this offer can be to America, Brazil, or Austraila (anywhere).  It does take time to make it and ship it.   Please email us if you want to consider partnering with us.  Thank you for your support!


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