Removing the feathers so they can fly

I have 5 kids.  I can tell you from at least my experience it is easier to do it for them. “It" being just about everything…Cutting their food, picking up their toys.  You name it, teaching them how to do it themselves is much harder than just doing it for them.  Our goal in Kampala is to teach them how to do it themselves.  It is to cultivate independence not dependence.  And we took a step in this direction.  We told the soap workshop to get out there and start selling their soap.  And they have.  They have exceeded all our expectations.  And there are some very exciting contacts, and exciting possibilities.  And I would love to tell you the details, but I will wait until we actually have the orders.  But they did sell 300 bars of soap for a church conference.  And with the profits they should have the money to get off the floor and buy their own table. I am very proud of them. 
The women in the sewing workshop also needed to start selling stuff this month.  They ran out of fabric.  But they had a closet of cloths they had made.  So instead of sending more money for fabric I said to sell your cloths.  And you know what?  It worked!  Every girl was required to sell what she has made.  And with the money buy new fabric.  They did it!  They took a step away from dependence.  I'm sure you know the story about the eagles.  They line their nests with soft feathers.  But under the feathers they have thorn bushes.  And when it is time to teach the birds to fly the mother bird starts to remove the nice feathers.  The good news is our women are starting to fly on their own.  We still have 10 women waiting for a chance to start hairdressing school.  But we have applied for grants.  The best thing you can do for us is pray we get these grants.  Right now we are living in a season of amazing possibilities.  It may end up a bunch of nothing.  But hopeful the possibilities will become sure realities. 


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