an idea we want to test

Sylvia gave 12 bars of soap to a single mom (not in the group) to sell. And she paid her one bar of soap. The women sold all 12 bars and kept the money from one bar. Now she wants a job selling soap. 11 bars for Suubi Teen MOPS and 1 bar for her. I think we will try this. There are many single moms with no work. Perhaps we have an army of saleswomen, and a clear model of 11 for us and one for them? A bar of soap cost about one dollar. A dollar is a day's wages for many. A motivated person could do well. I will let you know how this works out. In the meantime, our women will be back at the market selling soap on Friday. Please pray they are more successful than last time. They will have a sign for the table, and soap molds at the table, and maybe unwrapped soap so the tourists can see what they are buying. Maybe some photos of them making soap. People thought the soap was made in China. It was too nice to be handmade. But it has been made by our women in Kampala. And we are determined to sell it.


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