Mama Joan dies on the road

The situation in Uganda is tragic. Sylvia just told me her neighbor, Mama Joan died on the roadside last night. She was trying to get to the hospital to deliver a baby. But there was no transportation. So she and the baby died. She has left behind 3 children, husband not there. The body will be carried to a village in Northern Uganda. The kids must go there as well. Hopefully, the family can take them in. Many women have died in this lockdown unable to reach hospitals. They are hungry, abused, exploited, and afraid. Joan was a small restaurant owner. Not one person has died from Covid19 in Uganda, but 100's have died from the lockdown, and millions suffer. Over 67 % of the women in the country are expected to fall into poverty because of this extended lockdown. My friends in Uganda are losing heart. The needs have always been overwhelming, but now it is unbearable. Please pray for this lockdown to finally end. They say June 1st, but they have continued to extend it over and over again. Suubi Teen MOPS needs your continued financial support for food during the extended lockdown. Our women are not allowed to work by law. But food relief has not come to most of the slums. For ways to give , look on our website. In Germany your donation is tax-deductible. Thank you for your prayers for these children, for Sylvia and all our leaders and Teen moms, their 46 kids, and the entire Nation. They are weary, hungry, and so sad. But they are not alone. We know the hearts of many are with them. Your prayers lift them up and give them courage and hope. Here is the newspaper report-