New video prayer

 It is Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda. This week we are introducing a new video prayer letter. It is 11 mins long. If you have time you can hear requests directly from Sylvia. Right now, they are getting back to business. The elections are finally over. The threat of war is starting to fade. We thank God for this. We need peace and stability, or no one invests. They want the opportunity to sell the soap. Pray for people to begin to buy again. Pray for other opportunities to open. Our women have skills now. They are good workers. They just lack opportunities to work.

We still need 5 more child sponsors. School might begin next month. The government has not been clear about this. If schools remain closed, we will again hire private tutors for our kids. But right now, we are waiting for the schools to open. We also need extra money for new uniforms. 40 kids need uniforms at the same time. This is not something we budgeted for. We pray for additional funding for uniforms.
Something Sylvia did not mention is health and safety. In past years we have had a lot of sickness in January. By the grace of God, everyone remains healthy. But COVID-19 cases rise in Uganda. Pray for health and safety.
The goats at the farm are busy giving birth. The local government has had a ban on the sale of goats in the area of the farm due to sickness. This ban started last November. Our goats all got vaccinations and are healthy. Pray that ban will lift. We want to sell male goats, and use the money to invest in more females. This will increase the flock.
We are also going to try to develop a weekly podcast. I think I will call it stories of hope: Suubi Teen Mops Uganda. I hope to release this every Tuesday. And one idea is to answer questions you have. Maybe once a month we will do a Q and A show. If you have questions or comments you want me to ask Sylvia then leave those in the comments or message me. Thank you for standing with us. We really appreciate and love you so much! Juergen and I will be printing out tax receipts this weekend to send to our donors. God willing you will be receiving your tax receipt next week. We will send letters to everyone who gave. That is the goal. But we are a German NGO so we are not sure your government will accept the gift as a deductible donation. But we will try to send it anyway, and if we miss you please contact us. We are imperfect but trying.