Back to home school but still need 3 sponsors

 Back to learning for our Suubi kids in Kampala Uganda. The schools are closed due to Covid 19 but we hire private tutors to teach our kids. Right now we still need 3 more sponsorship families. It cost 35 euro/40 USD per month to sponsor a child. And this is a long term commitment. You are agreeing to stand with this child for years so they can receive an education. Our child sponsorship families are heroes

. We already have 37 families by God's grace We seek 3 more so that 40 of our kids can receive this gift of an education. Next January we will invite only a small group more to join our program. We do not have plans to expand beyond serving the women and kids in our community. It is what we can manage. And really that is all God asks of any of us. Faithfully do what you are able to do. Today do what you can to use what you have to change this world for good.