Random Acts of flowers

 It is Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

This week they handed out 100's of bars of hand-crafted soap in a highschool (there are about 4 grades of kids allowed to attend school right now, the others are not allowed in school yet). The teachers almost did not let them in. They thought they were selling something. When they learned it was a gift they were humbled and grateful. Sylvia said the students immediately ran to wash their hands. and this had a powerful effect on our women. They have struggled to sell soap lately. It could make you feel defeated like no one wants what you create. But the actual situation is no one can afford what you make. They clearly want it, need it. Soap is so important in the fight to protect them from Covid and other sicknesses. But the economy is so bad. People have no money. Thank you for supporting Suubi. With your support, we can help the women with food and rent. We can pay the cost of the soap and give it to people who could not afford soap. And they do not receive junk. They receive very good soap with natural ingredients. We try to have them give the best.
This week I began growing flowers for a giant cutting garden. In Germany, everything is locked down. We question if we will be allowed to go anywhere on vacation. I am looking at many more months at home. So I choose to do something both challenging and useful. I grow many old roses and pre-annual flowers. This year I am planting hundreds of annual flowers too. And my goal is to sell at least 10 bouquets a week from the middle of May until the first week in September. The funds will support our sewing school. We decided to extend the school until September. We do not have the funds to extend the school. It just seemed the right thing to do. So we are doing it by faith. I want to find people to subscribe to our flower CSA (community-supported agriculture) or flower club. You buy all 16 weeks, 8 weeks or 4 weeks. So far one friend is buying 16 weeks of flowers. Another friend in America is buying 8 weeks of flowers to be given away in random acts of flowers! I love that idea. So we will allow people to donate funds towards a flower giveaway. we will find all sorts of people to give flowers to. And we will try to get photos or at least tell you the story. Some people do not want their photos on the internet. I can see myself driving through Mc Donalds and giving the women at the cash register a bouquet of flowers. For only 10 Euro you can have us give a bouquet of flowers away to a stranger. We will try to find single moms and seniors to give them to. I am calling this Random Acts of flowers. And I will be asking some local friends to also grow some blooms to help supply enough to make it through the summer. In the end, I hope we bless a lot of people and fund the extra months of the sewing school.

The women are also using the plastic that has been recycled to make storage boxes. They will be marketing these boxes. They need God's favor to sell them.
Sylvia applied for a few more grants this week. We really dream to build a training center. Everything seems so impossible. 100% out of our reach. And at some point, it's good to see it is impossible. What we try to do is impossible in our own power. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. what is impossible for us is possible with God. And we thank you for praying. Prayer is the way to have access to the impossible things. Thank you for holding us up.
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