Unexpected grace just around the corner


Suubi began the present sewing school class in September 2020. The class is scheduled to end this month. But I have been praying about having the school extended until September. The last class got two years of instruction. This class is doing great but I just want to give them more time to develop. So Juergen and I are taking a step of faith and saying yes. We will try to find the funds to see them go forward another 4 months. And to do this we need an additional 4000 Euros total cost. A bargain really. The money pays the food, rent, and salary for the teachers and the 10 students. We take nothing for administrative work. It goes 100% to this need. We have also raised money for 6 sewing machines to give the 10 women in the school. Each machine cost 150 Euro/ 175 USD. If you want to give a machine to one of our sewing school moms let me know. I will wait until all the money is there before we buy them their own machine. They are not expecting to continue school or receive a machine. I wonder what gifts are just around the corner for all of us. Unexpected grace...I pray God blesses you so much so you can bless others.

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