sewing school news, vaccination, and travel to the USA

 It is Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

This past week the women in sewing school have gotten very creative. They used the recycled plastic and fussed it into fabric. This became the bottom side of waterproof blankets. The top side is made from new cotton fabric. The result is a blanket that can be used as a mattress cover or diaper changing pad or picnic blanket. It's washable and waterproof. It helps use up plastic. Now we just need to successfully market at a price that will support our students when they graduate. We hope to see the school continue through the summer. We are very short on funding. Please pray for our finances. Nantongo Sylvia got her Covid vaccination today. She is getting AstraZeneca I believe. That is what is available in Uganda. Pray she has no side effects. She hopes to go to America this September. She wants to attend the big MOPS convention called MOMCON. It is in Nashville in September. I have set up a go fund me for this need. I personally can not afford her airfare. It is 1800 USD/1500 euro. Then there is the hotel and food. Sylvia has a heart to advocate for another MOPS group that supports 100 teenage moms. Many of these moms are victims of abuse and early marriage in the pandemic. They wish to finish their education and attend university. So the dream is a high school just for them. We seek perhaps a bigger church that wants a mission project. It is beyond what we can do. But perhaps we can find someone else looking for a very big challenge. 1000's of girls were exploited in this pandemic. You see teenage mothers everywhere in Uganda. It is tragic. And about 2 or 3 come to Suubi every week seeking help. We could have 10 groups easily if we had the resources. But we do not. So they get sent away. And it is so sad. When I was 6 I took swimming lessons. And I was in the water practicing my backstroke when another student started to sink. They panicked and grabbed on to me and began to pull me down. It was frightening. After what seemed like forever a lifeguard pulled us both up. I feel like the bad guy all the time. I have to say no to Sylvia all the time now. We are barely afloat. We can not carry the other group of 100 teenage moms. We can not even say yes to the 2 or 3 who come weekly to our group seeking help. We would sink. But we can advocate for more labor. The harvest is ripe...but we need labor. Juergen sent the school fees again for the 2nd term. We are still doing private tutoring until August. And God willing we can afford school in August. They have not told us the price of the school and if they will raise the fee. It may be that we must start our own school. In Kampala, they seem to increase the cost of tuition each year. And it has gone up 50 % since we began paying for school 3 years ago. Please pray for help and wisdom concerning school. We also still need 3 more sponsorship families. I want to keep the sponsor fees the same. It is 40 USD/35 euro per month. This is a big sacrifice for the generous sponsor families. We do not intend to change this.
One of the moms had a rotten tooth that needed to be removed. It is actually very expensive to treat dental problems in Uganda. In the past, the poor could see a dental missionary. But because of Covid, the missionary is gone. So we have to go to the hospital. We got a donation to pay for the treatment and to pay for toothbrushes and toothpaste for all 100 Suubi members. Toothpaste is a luxury in the slum. Most people have to use charcoal and a finger. We are so grateful for the donation. And we pray for the dental missionary to come back to Uganda. Brenda's baby is recovering. He was very sick. Thank you for your prayers.