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 It is Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Kampala Uganda.

The women attended a funeral yesterday. One of our workshops is in a Catholic church. One of the priests died of cancer. I met him a few years ago. He was sick even then. He has struggled for awhile. Sylvia said he served God faithfully even when he was so sick. I know our women loved him. I pray for the parish. They feel a loss.
Sarah one of the sewing students was at the dentist yesterday. They did x rays. All her teeth are very bad. You could smell the rot from the next room. She needs 3 root canals right away. So pray for her. That they can save her teeth. And that her health will improve. We thank God for the provision financially to treat her.
Nantongo Sylvia would like very much to attend MOMCON in the USA this year. We are still short 1000 euros for the flight. I had the idea of giving away our big 35 inch dolls in exchange for 100 euro donations. But so far no one has given. We need provision for this flight or we need to accept it as a closed door. I honestly do not know what is right. To let it go? Covid is so much on the rise in Uganda. They say it's up 30%. It could flare up.like it has done in India. I pray it doesn't. When do you strick the balance between necessary stuff like food and rent, and un necessary stuff like vacations? All I know is Sylvia's been carrying so much weight...fighting harder for really poor and desperate people. And a trip would be refreshing and empowering. Some times it's a good thing in the long run to invest in the mental and physical health of your best people. Sylvia seems fascinated by seeing the fish at the aquarium in Newport Oregon. My sister has a house on the coast we planned to visit after the conference. They have a petting pool. She could pick up star fish. I can see her describe it to the group. I can imagine the impact it would have on them. A peek into a world much bigger than the slum. Please pray for God's will. If it is his will I would like to bring her to America for two weeks. But the flight cost 1500 USD.
We are developing a plan for a training center. It is a long term hope to build a vocational school. We need wisdom and provision for this school. Right now we need a clear plan.
Sylvia's mom is still having trouble recovering from surgery. She has diabetes. The wounds are slow to heal. She just came out of the hospital. Pray for grace to recover.
A friend made t shirts for our vacation Bible school that will take place in July. They turned out so beautiful. We are so grateful for this act of love. Pray for the impact of this Bible school.
Continue to pray for opportunities and also protection. Thank you so much for standing with us.

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