Our plan for the lockdown month one

 This is the super-sized MOPS group in Jinja. It has 500 moms. Mostly teenage mothers and older widows. Nantongo Sylvia recently visited them in Eastern Uganda. They are very poor. If you notice, they do not have facemasks. Our first project will be to make facemasks and soap for these 500 moms. The materials for the facemasks and soap cost 1000 euros. Sadly fabric costs have risen because of the lockdown. And then we will also be paying our women in Kampala for their labor by providing rent and food. This will keep them productive for a month of lockdown. We will have to figure out the 2nd month. Pray, we get a grant or a big fair trade order. Many of you have already given. The need amounts to 2500 euro for the materials and rent and food. I thank you so much for your gifts.

you can learn more about Suubi on our website, including how to donate-
Thank you for helping us provide soap and facemasks for these 500 teenage moms and poor widows.