Why do we go through the stress and trouble


Today I was thinking about the really hard things I've gone through. Like when we adopted Sarah and she had RAD (Reactive attachment disorder). That was a nightmare. And it took years to work through. Today Sarah drove me to the store to look at cell phones. Mine just broke. Sarah graduates from high school in a few weeks. She finishes her exams in a week. If you try to reach me on my phone, it's broken.

When Jessica was born we had group health insurance. I have no idea who delivered Jessica. We had a parade of doctors coming in and out of my room. And a dozen student doctors. Not fun to be nearly nude pushing in front of an audience of strangers. But Jess was born with 4 heart conditions. And she developed autism within the first two years. Our insurance had no deductible. Her bills were over a million dollars. We did not have to pay her bills. The lack of privacy was worth the trouble. Private insurance would have bankrupted us. Jessica is a treasure, that goes without saying!
I saw this photo of me looking very tired and hot in Uganda. And I am reminded again why I am putting myself through so much stress and worry. I am doing it because my actions help feed, and educate 100 women and children. And their actions influence their community. And of course, I love them. The easy road is not always the right road. If we took the easy road, we would not have Sarah. If we took the easy road we would have been bankrupt with Jessica's hospital bills. And if I took the easy road, I might know Uganda was locked down again, but I would not know how vulnerable they are to starvation and possible homelessness. But I am not alone. I have friends who also care a lot about these kids and their moms.
Because our women are now locked down, we will have them sew facemasks and make soap to give to another MOPS group that has 500 teenage moms and older widows. We need support to buy the fabric, soap supplies, and money to pay for rent and food. Many have already given. We thank you very much. Every little bit helps.
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