Friday prayer

 It is Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Kampala Uganda. They say that it is always darkest before dawn. It is been a dark week in Uganda. Hardship has been heaped upon hardship. And the weight of it is difficult to bear. But the situation is showing signs of improving. And we pray that the country can move past this extreme situation. Please continue to pray for the nation of Uganda and all of East Africa.

I have not got much more to report about Jr. He will remain in the hospital until the lockdown is over. Movement is nearly impossible. He requires dialysis 3 times a week. And that is not possible from his home. Olives house is empty now for a month. I pray that it remains safe. That people have not robbed her of her few possessions. She has no way to go check. I am sure she has not even thought about it. But I think about her life after they leave the hospital. And I pray that they do not face any additional loss. Jr has speech as someone who is drunk. Someone who has had a stroke. And he suffered memory loss. He does not remember ever going to school for example. I am grateful he is alive. But the situation is tragic. Pray God redeems everything. That all his skills and abilities are restored to him. And pray for Olive. She is alone at the hospital. No one can travel there to support her because of the Covid restrictions. She sleeps on the floor. She has no privacy or help. She is very tired.
Nantongo Sylvia is also very tired. Her daughter Jessa has been very sick with a flu and cough. There is no way to test it. It is most likely Covid. The clinics are full of Covid patients. Everyone is sick. It is impossible to escape it. Jessa turns 3 in August. She was so ill. But she is showing signs of improvement. Her fever has broken. She is not throwing up anymore. She can sleep now. Pray she fully recovers. And pray Ruth and Sylvia remain ok.
Pray Edith fully recovers from Covid. Pray the rest of the women to remain healthy. That the children also remain healthy.
We found out Covid vaccinations are only being given to people who have a National ID. And a majority of the nation's poor do not have id. It takes about 200 USD to chase down the documents to get an ID. The creation of birth certificates and statements from officials. So many in Uganda were not born in hospitals. They often do not know their own birthday. They might not even know the year of their birth. Eventually, we need to pay the money to get all of our women's National ID. But food and rent are our priority. I just think they need to give vaccinations to all the people. Other vaccinations are not tied to an ID.
Over 800 people in Kampala received a fake vaccination. People passing themselves off as health care workers offered Covid vaccinations to people in companies. They cost about 30 USD. They were water. People are desperate. They remain easy targets for fraud.
There is foot and mouth disease in the region where we keep our goats. I sent the funds yesterday to vaccinate all our animals. I feel so sorry for all the farmers. They can not sell meat or milk. The butchers are shut down. Milk is being spilled out by officials.
Our women are going to receive food. The food is being purchased today. We do not have the funds to pay rent on July 15th. Pray, we receive funding for this need.
Everyone has materials to make baskets and facemasks. They are also making soap. So we are glad the women remain busy and productive. And vacation Bible school begins next week. I am not sure how they will manage it. They have to meet in multiple locations in small groups. But they will manage it. They are amazing!