Uganda needs vaccinations

 It is Friday and I am asking you to please pray for Suubi teen MOPS in Uganda.

Uganda is still suffering from a strict lockdown. Only food stores are open. The women can not even buy fabric to continue sewing. Our needs are met. Our friends have generously donated the funds to pay for food and rent. But it is very difficult to witness the people everywhere in such great need. And 13 of our people have already gotten sick with Covid. they are all recovering. But the others live in fear of contracting this sickness. Please pray for the people of Uganda to receive some support. And also pray for additional vaccinations to arrive. There are over 44 million people in Uganda. Fewer than 200,000 vaccinations have been given. Front-line care workers must get vaccinations. Nearly 200 doctors and medical workers have died from Covid in the past few weeks. More people have died from Covid in the past month than the entire Pandemic. It is a very fearful time.
This past week Sylvia's mom was allowed to return home. She is slowly recovering. But the slow recovery is frustrating for her. And she has suffered so much. Please pray she does not get Covid.
Jr is also home. He is allowed to do his dialysis 3 times a week as an outpatient. But his speech is still unclear, and his memory is bad. Please pray he fully recovers from this attack

The children are doing vacation Bible school. They are really enjoying this very condensed time together. They have to be careful not to break the Covid rules. I see the awesome photos of kids around the world enjoying play outside, swimming, running
Our kids would of course love to do this too. But they are doing as much as possible without breaking laws. Please pray for this special time they have. The moms are enjoying it too.
I feel like the news is always bad news. I am really so sorry. The circumstances are very hard. there is no transportation. No private or public transportation is allowed. Everyone has sore feet. There is a curfew so they have to rush home every day, even if it's raining hard. People are so depressed. And people are so hungry. But our people live in a Suubi bubble. They have each other, food, rent, and medical care. And none of this would be possible without your support. We can never thank you enough.
Psalm 17:8
Keep me as the apple of the eye;
Hide me in the shadow of Your wings