update on shops and building

It's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.
This week they found a store location. The women hope to open one consignment store in time for Christmas. And a 2nd location is being considered. Please pray for the 2nd store location to be found. Pray for a successful launch. These stores are going to be run by 20 women who graduated from our sewing school. They will sell used and new clothes. And God willing it will earn them enough money to support themselves and their children.
Progress is happening at the Suubi center. The kitchen and dining room are nearly finished. Next, a team of brick makers will live in the kitchen and use it as temporary storage for their tools. It should take about 3 to 4 months to finish making enough brick to build the rest of the school, and the staff and student homes.
There are a great number of details involved in this transition. 11 families are planning on moving to the village near our center. We need you to lift up Sylvia and all the leaders as they set up the two stores in Kampala, shut down the workshops, and move to the country.
We need 5 new child sponsorship families. School is scheduled to begin again in January. You can read about sponsorship on our website.
I think everyone is tired. And they have been getting sick. In general please pray for their health and safety. 2 suicide bombs went off in Kampala this week. ISIS claimed responsibility. And we certainly don't need to add terror to our list of struggles. Poverty is enough to deal with. But many young men have been out of school for 2 years and are unable to work. They are easy targets for recruitment into these groups.