Happy New Year Suubi moves this weekend

 It is Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda. Today is the final day of 2021. We thank God for all that he has done in this year that began in lockdown and turmoil. If you remember they had an election in Uganda last January. The environment was very explosive. People worried about a possible Civil War. The Covid lockdown continued until August. And school still has not opened. They say that the schools will open on January 10th, 2022. But Sylvia is not sure this will happen. Many teachers are still unvaccinated. And there is another rise of Covid Omicron now. I personally feel we should keep our Suubi kids in private tutoring for now. If we pay school fees and they close the school...we lose our money again. Uncertainty is probably the best way to describe the situation. Our children have received a constant education over the past 2 years because we hired private teachers. I would certainly love to see them return to the classroom. I just don't think things are stable enough to trust school will remain open. If it's possible to find qualified teachers, I think we will continue with private tutoring. Just for one or two more terms. Pray for wisdom and provision.

They did buy a used van this week. It's an 8 passenger Toyota Noah. One owner and well maintained. No accidents. But it needed new tires and a new alternator. Hopefully, it will serve them well. They will be using it today and tomorrow. They begin to move the women today. 11 families including Sylvia and her family move to the villages near the Suubi center this weekend. I was chatting with my sister on Facebook yesterday. She asked me if we had received enough money for the move. We had to pay the rental deposit for the 10 families. And yes we did receive the money. A large donation came in just as we needed it. I sometimes feel like I am swimming in the needs. I am keeping my head above the water and forget to thank God for what he has already done. And my sister's question actually made me remember. ..oh yes! We actually asked you to pray for this. By his grace they are moving in a van we prayed for. They have their rent paid for for the next 6 months. Sylvia and Hannifa both got their driver's licenses. And grace is so abundant. We really should not forget to say thank you!
They finished the fishpond digging. The pond is 15meters x 9 meters. It's giant but not very deep. It's 1.5 meters deep. If we make it too deep someone could drown. And if it's too deep fish can hide...you would never be able to catch them. This is for catfish. Food to feed people at the center. On Monday they receive training on how to make bricks. The soil from the pond will be used to make 15,000 bricks for the school building.
The 3 acres of land have been cleared and prepared for tree planting. We need to raise 3000 euro to buy the seedlings and pay for consulting. We want to work with Greening Uganda. They not only provide high-quality seedlings but teach you how to care for and maintain orchards. And they help you find a market for the fruit. The plan is to plant 3 acres of Avocado, banana passion fruit, and coffee. The profits from this fruit will go towards the ongoing costs of the school. It probably will not provide all they need, but it will provide a good part of the need. There are also plans to build a giant vegetable garden. They also wish to have 100s of chickens. And they might also start trees to sell. The 10 families moving will be engaged in producing income for the center. And this begins right away.
Please pray for their safety as they move. Pray for a good transition. Pray for the man we are hiring to care for the grounds to get rid of all the snakes. He will be keeping the grass cut short so snakes can not hide. He begins on Monday. And pray for all the Suubi women remaining in Kampala. The 2 Lilly Avenue stores are open. And so far they are busy. So much has been accomplished in the past 2 months. It almost makes me dizzy! Thank God for his goodness. And thank God for all of you! Happy new year!