Merry Christmas

 It's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

The week was stressful and busy for the leaders. They looked for a car but found nothing but broken cars. I do have a lead on a car. A missionary contacted us yesterday. So perhaps we will find what is for us. I believe it's good if they have at least one emergency car as they live in the countryside.
The move will happen God willing in the next week. Everything is set up. It's a big deal for anyone to move. Please pray for the protection of all 11 families that are leaving Kampala to start the Suubi vocational center.
Next week a brick-making training is also planned at the Suubi center. Pray it is a success. The bricks will be made from the material on the property. 15,000 bricks. And the women will be creating a giant garden for food.
The 2nd Lilly Avenue store opened on Monday. I still don't have photos. But pray the stores to

receive good business. The income pays the women's rent and food. They have opportunities now. It's a giant hope. They are so tired from the work, but I hear at least some of them are very happy.
Merry Christmas and God bless you and keep you safe and healthy! We appreciate all of you! You have given us hope!