Its Friday but Sunday will come

 It's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

Today is Good Friday. It's the day Christians around the world celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross. I guess it seems odd to celebrate the death of anyone. But we understand why he died. He was made a sacrifice for the sins of the world. All our brokenness and shame was put on him and he died for us. I think in the Western world we don't acknowledge sin and shame. We deny the power of sin to destroy people. In Africa I think they are more aware of it's effects. And you can not receive a savior if you don't even know you need one. Africa needs a savior...and so do I. I often feel overwhelmed by need. Needs in my family and in the ministry of Suubi. There are the actual needs of food and healing and wisdom. But also intangible needs of hope and courage. And for the women of Suubi, many who have suffered rape shame is an issue. We need a savior. We feel it...we know it. But just like the early disciplines we have Jesus. But when they saw him on a cross they did not understand. They thought they lost all hope when he died. They didn't understand that death was why he was born. And they did not know he would rise again. Today as we go through stuff, we need in faith believe the end will be good. Sometimes you have to pass through good Friday to get to Easter. We have Jesus. We have him as a risen savior. When we walk through the valley he walks with us. All our hope needs to rest in him.
We continue to have sickness at the center. It's raining and there are mosquitos. That means malaria. We sent money for tablets to put in the water. This I hope will help. But some of our people are sick. Pray for healing. The rains are wonderful and needed. But they also bring heartbreak. Local homes built from mud are falling. 2 children in the neighborhood died when their home fell on them in the rain.
Rent is soon due at the Lilly Avenue stores. The economy has slowed down due to the high fuel prices. The effect of the war in Ukraine hurts the entire world. The women are having a hard time not panicking about rent. I think we need to help them. But we never just give them anything. Instead, we wish to have them sew washable sanitary pads in exchange for the store rent. We need funds for both rent and fabric. It of course costs much more for us to do it this way, but we are committed to the principle of work exchange. We want them to gain rent for labor. If you wish to help support a pad giveaway in a school we need funds now.
They are growing food in this rainy season. Beans and pumpkin, and potatoes. The labor is hard. It's hot, wet and muddy. And the kids are on a break from school. We have no extra sponsors for school. Not even one extra sponsor. The new school term begins May 2. Our kids will remain in tutoring because we lack the funds to send them to the class. I spend a great deal of time praying for a miracle. I am without direction. But I know that God knows our children. He loves them. I am praying he will give us a way to send all of them back to school. It might not happen by May 2, but in his time I believe it will happen. We have 10 unsponsored kids. This last term a private donor gave us the money needed to provide tutoring for these kids. A term of food and tutoring cost 140 euros per child. We are short 1400 euros for these 10 kids to receive food and tutoring.
We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday. I pray you to remain safe if you travel. Thank you for your prayers. We love you and thank you for your heart for us. I pray hope is tangible in your life today and always.