We have growth and community outreach

 It's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

Things are growing at the Suubi center. This week they planted some Avocado trees(the large local variety) and mango trees. These are for the people at the center to use. In the fall we hope to plant hundreds of trees for commercial use. The corn and beans, tomatoes, and cassava are all doing well. The wind was very strong and blew a hole in the green shade house. We need to replace the netting again. We think to add a layer of chicken wire to the top of the netting. Perhaps this will give it strength in the strong winds. They also started to use the interlocking bricks made at the center to build raised garden beds. We do not have confidence the bricks are strong enough for the walls of buildings. But they will not hurt anyone if they are short garden beds. People in the area have experienced injury and death because of poorly made bricks. It's sobering. We don't think our bricks had the right ingredients for walls. They are too crumbly. But we can not waste them. So they are going to be raised garden beds and perhaps walkways. The chickens started to free-range this week. The birds are super happy. They find worms and bugs. Having them free-range cuts down on the food bill. It also helps lower the bug and termites population on the center grounds. It makes for healthy and happy chickens. They also found two German Shepherd puppies to adopt. These will be raised to be guard dogs. We will need to find additional money for the food and veterinarian bills and a giant dog house. The school began this week. All of our kids will continue tutoring. We can not afford the costs of the school fees. As most of you know right now the fees have more than doubled. Our sponsorship fees do not cover school costs. We will be sending the 4 oldest kids to school for the next two terms. This is necessary because they have to take national exams. And one of our most significant needs is to find a grant to help subsidize our school costs or to move the entire Kampala group to a different city where the school might be cheaper. We have 32 kids in our Kampala sponsorship program. It would cost us an additional 9000 euros a term to send these children back to class. That's nearly 30 000 additional USD per year. That's how much school fees have increased in Kampala over the past 2 years. We are serious about moving the women to a new area, opening new stores, etc. It would be a giant undertaking. But the kids must attend school. And right now that's just impossible for us. We are seeking grants that could supplement what we have. The women don't want to move. We can not make them move. But our reality is impossible. We need direction and wisdom. I am growing flowers again to raise funds for the food bill at the center and in Kampala. We feed about 100 people every day. That cost about 830 euro/ 850 USD per month. If anyone wants to sponsor a month of food, that would be helpful. Maybe do it as a birthday fundraiser? Anyway, we spend a lot of money on food. We need additional support. A local church wants to start to use the Suubi center dining room for a weekly Bible study. And they have also started to have weekly MOPS meetings at the center. The funds have been sent to build the new toilets. And we will also be building a well soon. We are running out of funds to build. We need 30 000 euros more to build additional buildings and staff houses. But I am excited that the local community is accepting the group. And the center is going to begin to be used as a ministry location. Eventually, I can see kids coming from after-school tutoring. I can see very large vacation Bible school programs. A soccer field. Sewing classes. Soap-making and gardening classes. It's all starting to happen. We thank you for your prayers. www.teenmopsuganda.com