Ginger and the end of the world

 it's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

This week I had an interesting discussion with Sylvia about the end times. And about what the Bible has to say about the troubles the world would face in the end. We of course don't know if we are living in the end. But sometimes it seems like it. Inflation is very bad. Shops are closing, people are giving up hope, and some are literally starving to death. In Uganda, there is an outbreak of Ebola in 3 districts. They fear it could take hold and become a huge crisis. And government ministers also warn of the possibility of additional school lockdowns because of the increased numbers of Covid cases. It's as if a coat of fear and hopelessness has draped the land. How do you not drown in the sea of darkness? In Matthew 24 Jesus describes the end of the age. It's everything you all have probably heard before, war, rumors of war, earthquakes, and famine, people's hearts growing cold. But towards the end of the chapter, he talks about the good servants who are faithful and the bad servants who are trying to get away with all sorts of stuff because they don't think the master is going to return. And I think the wise thing for all of us to do is just live faithful lives. Character is doing what is right even when no one is looking. We can't control the entire world, we can only be faithful to what we have.

They spent many hours in the ginger fields this week. They removed leaves with fungus, sprayed the plants with organic fertilizer, and mounded soil around the plants. It's nearly 3 acres of ginger. It's so much work. But the ginger is starting to thrive. Already the pond has been a lifesaver. They needed a great deal of water to mix with the rabbit urine, Ash, and chili used on the plants. I am not sure what we would have done if we did not have the pond. I thank everyone who gave to build the pond!
They have planted tomatoes in the green shade house. They have also planted garden sacks. Each of these sacks has 100 holes for 100 plants. I think they have around 30 garden space for 3000 plants in a very small space. We are also developing a mandala garden project. This is a project designed to increase food security in private families. We hope to videotape how to build a family kitchen garden that can help provide food for a family in a more sustainable way. The goal would be to eventually reach thousands of families with seeds and how-to-grow information. I can see this happening in the next two or 3 years. We just need the funds.
One of our Suubi kids has a bad case of malaria. She is receiving treatment. One of our Suubi kids is in the hospital recovering from an extreme infection in his bladder and kidneys. Pray for their recovery and for protection from sickness and accidents.
Juergen is planning to go to Uganda. He would be laying tile, installing a kitchen, putting up a ceiling in the kitchen, painting the kitchen inside and out, possibly putting up a wall around the pond, and putting in a play area for the kids. We will need support for this trip. It's still uncertain if he will travel at the beginning of December or the end of December and the beginning of January. I want some of our children to travel with him. They have time restrictions. So we will see how this goes. Pray the right team goes to Uganda and the funds are there to both support the trip, but also pay for the building supplies.

We are also praying for a grant for a deep borehole/ well. This would benefit the entire town. We are praying for a grant for two more school buildings. We want to start the sewing school in January 2023. We have to continue to pray for the Lilly Avenue stores. They need opportunities to earn more income. The Lilly Avenue women are considering running two sewing schools at the shops. They need wisdom and funding.
Thank you for your support!