Planting seeds and trying to keep hope

 It's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

We had hoped to be boarding a plane today. I searched so many flights from Uganda to America. Sylvia dreamed of attending the MOPS conference in SanDiego California. The conference begins next week. We were going to spend the weekend in Seattle with my brother, and arrive a little early in SanDiego to see some sights. But her visa was denied. Sylvia doesn't make so much money. I guess having 2 daughters and a husband, and running an NGO is not enough reason to stay in Uganda? I could get a little cynical. But I trust God has his reasons for opening and closing doors. A lot is going on in Sylvia's family. Her mom needed her right now. Her husband has some health concerns. It was probably not a good time for her to be gone. We did not know that at the time. It was just a loss of a dream. Some things we hope for do not happen. But other things we could hardly dare to dream do happen.
One year ago we bought land to build the Suubi center. We had hoped one day that could happen...but it was never even a clear hope. It was only a prayer. I believe that some ideas are truly from God. They wait for us to have the courage to ask. After the many lock downs, and all that money spent on just keeping people alive, I was frustrated. I was so frustrated! And I finally began to pray to invest in something that would be sustainable. And the money came. It just did. Cash to buy the land, and cash to start the building. Naturally I had hoped to do more with what we had. But evidently things are not as cheap in Uganda as you think they would be. Still we have done a great deal with what we had. What I am trying to say, is doors like MOMCON close, but others like the Suubi center open. We can only see this with the perspective of time.
Please pray for Emmanuel, Sylvia's husband. He has been having stomach pain. Sylvia's mom is out of the hospital. Pray she fully recovers. Pray for Sylvia because she is sandwiched between the needs of her loved family and the ministry. She really needed the trip to America. I would have spoiled her. My family would have spoiled her. But there is a time for everything. I accept this was not the time for that. Instead, it's the time to plant. They have planted thousands of seeds this week. The fields are covered with beans and pumpkin. Every spare inch of the land is covered with seeds. These women are serious about growing food. Food security is probably the biggest issue in Africa. They saw a child die of starvation this year. The desperate need is something most of us can not imagine. They realize there is a window of opportunity. It is the rainy season. Now is the time to plant seeds. And unlike so many, they actually have seeds to plant. One day we hope to be in the position of giving seeds to others. Hopefull,

y that will be part of what we do. But today they are planting what they have. I am extremely proud of them.
The pond is filling up nicely. We may even have to build up the outside walls of the pond so it can hold even more water. It's a very nice problem to have. There are a few more months of rain ahead of us. What you see pictured is from two weeks of rain. They might be getting catfish this week.
They are weeding the ginger fields. The avocado trees get planted in the next week. This is back-breaking work. We might consider hiring people to help with the wedding. It's 2 1/2 acres of weeding. They deserve every one of success that comes to them. They work hard for the money!
School has begun. Pray we receive more sponsorship families. It's a dream to send all 57 of the Suubi kids to class by January. We need additional support.
Nicole Heymann is selling stuff made by our women in Uganda at a city festival in Hanau near Frankfurt Germany this weekend. Pray for great success! She made the shelf herself from scrap wood and eco-bricks.
We are praying for MOMCON in San Diego. We wish we were there! Now we are trying to get visas to go to MOMCON Europe in Athens Greece March 17 2023.