It's Friday again and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

The first thing I wish to celebrate is growth. The corn and beans, ginger, and tomatoes are all thriving. Green is my favorite color. The center is covered in green. They have been very busy pulling weeds and pruning vines. It's towards the end of the rainy season. We are nervous about the dry season. Will we have water to see us through? Please pray we do get the support we need to dig a deeper well. In the area, shallow wells fail. A borehole is needed. It might have to go down 180 meters. God willing we can find out soon if a well is possible. The entire community would be blessed if we had a well. We would make water available to the community. Without water, crops dry up and fail. The pond has been a great help over the past months. They have been using the water to water the trees and greenhouse. But the pond has not filled. We are heading into the dry season in need of a miracle. The pond could be used to grow catfish if we had a well. What a giant blessing that would be!

Shamillah and Gift have returned from the long hospital stay in Kampala. Shamillah had a hysterectomy. Gift remained by her side to care for her. These are 17-year-old women. I don't know many young people who would be as faithful and responsible as the women we have in our program. We have extraordinary women at Suubi! But they carry heavy burdens. Please pray for them to have joy. Juergen and Nicole are still planning to go to Uganda in a few weeks. Nicole will be doing a lot of art with these women and kids. Please pray that it will be a very fun experience for everyone.

The kitchen cabinets went in this week. They are made from bricks and concrete. They will probably survive World War 3. The top will get a granite top. When Juergen goes the plan is to paint and do some tile work. Unfortunately, so many unexpected needs have come up this fall. Thousands of euros have gone to unexpected medical costs. Our tile budget has been eaten away by the locus. There are no more funds for materials. Juergen and Nicole will do as much as they can right now. But without the resources, we probably have to wait to finish the floors. If you wish to donate to building materials, we need about 3000 euros for the tile and paint. And we need 3000 euros for biogas.

One of the Lilly Avenue stores flooded again. The landlord refused to take responsibility. The women have found a new location. The money for the new shop is being sent today. Please pray for the sales to be strong. These women have lost a lot of income in the past few months. The ruined clothes are not thrown away. They are actually sent to the Suubi center. The women at the center do all they can to soak and clean the clothes. And they are happy to have new things to wear. We honestly try not to waste anything. Every mistake and every broken thing is still seen as a resource.

Ebola has spread to the Jinja area. This is the most popular tourist destination in Uganda. The school has been closed until February. Please pray that the virus can be controlled. I am sending my husband and daughter to Uganda. Please pray for their safety and health. I actually have no fear. If the situation changes they will adjust their schedule. But pray the epidemic can be stopped before it gets out of hand. Ebola kills about 50% of the people that get it. But it's already causing real economic hardship for a country that's struggling from 2 years of Covid lockdowns.