just a little update

On Monday they went to the government office where you apply for a business license.  They were encouraged to apply for a broader license than just soap.  So instead they are applying for a license that will enable them to sell all the products MOPS Kampala produces.  That would include soap but also the stuff the sewing group is making.  I'm not sure how long this process of receiving a license takes.  The process has begun.
The landlord of the soap workshop is busy renovating the rooms.  I hear they are painting.  A kitchen has been installed.  Electrical work is being done.  God willing they can move in next week.

In the sewing workshop, they decided to start sewing cloth bags to put the soap in.  I think this is a cool idea.  It basically transforms the simple bar of soap into a gift.  I just love the energy and creativity the women are beginning to show. 

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