Friday Prayer


It is Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.
This past weekend we asked people to vote for our video in the project for awesome contest. Our video ended up being one of the most viewed videos. We still do not know if we won anything. But we thank everyone who took the time to view the video and vote.
Sylvia is sick this week. She has the flu and breathing problems. But the doctor did not think its COVID. Please pray she makes a full recovery. Pray for the health and safety of everyone.
The US Deployed a War Ship to the Kenyan Coast. Evidently, it is all everyone in Uganda is talking about. They fear America wants to invade Uganda. I told Sylvia I think America is not going to invade anyone. But you should realize this is an issue. People are afraid. They just went through a violent election. They are all on edge. And I think the interference of Facebook and Twitter in the election leads them to fear more outside interference. Pray for peace.
Suubi was featured in a TV program on local TV. A film crew was at the workshop. Hannifa talked with them because Sylvia was sick. I hear it went well.
We still need 3 more child sponsors. we did get a one-time scholarship for one of the boys to attend school this term. If you can not commit to long-term support but still want to help, we need this term fee covered for two boys not getting tutoring. The cost is 105 Euros/120 USD for each child. It is not ideal, but they need to start school. they are being left behind.

One of the sewing schools meets in a catholic church. One of the priests has cancer. He is doing badly. Could you please pray for him. And pray for the women. It is a stressful situation. they are full of compassion. They are heartbroken to see him so sick.
Apart from all this, everyone keeps working hard. We do need direction. But it is hard to dream or seek vision in this Covid time. We want to plan, but can not. I ordered new postcards. They keep busy learning to sew and marketing soap. They are shipping dolls to the USA to see how they sell. And they are sewing a new doll (new type). It is like taking one step at a time, no map. Or driving slowly in a heavy fog. Everyone is trying to remain faithful and busy. but we sure want some long-term vision.
May be an image of child, outdoors and text