Making dolls


It is Friday and I am asking for prayer for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda. This morning I went to my computer to write. The computer had no power. I had it plugged in all night so I was surprised. Then I realized the power cable was connected to the computer, but not to the power outlet. We need to check our source of power. Suubi relies on God to give us what we need. Our needs are so great, and people have been so generous. But when we ask for prayer, we believe it is the most important thing. It is the game changer!
The sewing school continues for two more weeks. Please pray for us to find work for our women going forward. To be honest I would like to extend the school for 6 more months. The women are showing great progress. But they have not had as much time to developed. The last school ran for two years. This class got only 8 months. I need at least 1200 Euros a month to support the school. That is 720 Euros per student for 6 more months. 7200 Euro total. Pray for wisdom. We may choose to take it one month at a time? I just feel they need some more time to develop. But they are doing well.
The other women are making dolls. We do not have a market yet. But they are being very creative. They are making smaller dolls, and boy dolls. For now, I will buy the dolls from them and have them give them away in the slums. Each doll cost 10 Euro/12 USD to make. That includes a small amount for the labor. If you want to see a child in the slums get a doll for free, please consider sending a donation. I will call this our 1000 doll campaign. If we can get donations for 1000 dolls, it will employ our women for the next 6 months, covering their food and rent. We also pray for a fair trade partner. I think the women would love to make dolls as a business.
They are also unable to sell much soap. People just do not have much money right now. It is not much different than the rest of the world. Covid has caused so much economic damage. Shops are closing right and left. Our women use to attend craft markets each month. Those are closed. The tourists are not there. And the locals are so poor they can not afford soap or dolls. So they will also be donating soap in the slums in exchange for the soap workshop rent. And they really pray for the economy to pick up. But our loss will be the gain of the poor. Suubi will just keep sowing seeds.