No going back to Egypt

 t's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda. I am reading through the Bible in one year. This week I read a passage in the old testament. Numbers chapter 11. If you pull verses out of context you will read about God providing meat for the people in the wilderness. So much provision it seemed impossible. But in context, you see the people were complaining about only having mana to eat. They were saying they should go back to Egypt where they had fish and leaks to eat. They of course were slaves in Egypt. It's easy to glamorize a past you were so anxious to escape. It's easy to show criticism towards the things you have when you are hungry for more. I read this story and saw it as a warning for Suubi. Prices are so high in Uganda. So much has already been given to us...but the needs are great. I don't ever want to go back to Egypt. I don't ever want to grumble and have God make me sick on his provision. I want to be grateful and trust him to do impossible things to give us all we need. I am not saying the women in Uganda are grumbling. It's more a warning for me. Pray for me and all the leadership of Suubi to be able to pray for all that is needed...but rest in all we now have. I don't want the needs to be our focus. I want to look at what has already been given and really be filled with Thanksgiving and real joy. There has been a lot of sickness, and prices of everything have gone up so high. And the reality is we are tired. Please pray for peace and joy to fill our hearts. Pray for the weariness to fall off. That we will place our hope in God and be made happy.

We have great things to be happy about. They have finished the inside of the kitchen and dining room. It's plastered and the floor is finished to the point where it can be tiled. When Juergen comes to Uganda God willing in August he can tile the floors. But for now, the building can be used. And the rains are here. So it's very good to have a building to hide in from the rain.
They also got chickens this week. In a month or two they will have eggs to eat. Pray the birds will be safe from people who would steal them and wild animals that would kill them.
We do need child sponsorship families so our kids can go to school in April. Pray God will provide individual families to sponsor our kids or cheaper school options, or corporate sponsorship. We see no way forward. ..but that doesn't mean there is no way. We need 10 sponsorship families for unsponsored kids like Jesse, and 32-second sponsors so we can pay the doubled fees that are the new reality for our kids in Kampala. Information about sponsorship is on our website.