July 18, 2017

trusting for bigger things...we need your help

In May we began to pay the tuition and living expenses for 5 mothers from the Teen MOPS group in Kampala.  This was a step of faith.  We had the 500 Euro tuition fee, but no money for the monthly living expenses.  But every month we have seen people donating towards this need.  And we have been able to pay the school fees, the monthly living expenses for the 5 moms, and for the monthly group feast.  We also had the unexpected medical expenses of Olive to pay.  But the money was also there for this need.
The sewing school has been very good.  Our women have learned a great deal in this short time.  But the school has actually taken in 20 new students.  And there are only 5 sewing machines.  Our women rarely get to use a sewing machine.  Many days lately they have had to sit and do nothing.  Naturally, this is not why they are going to school.  The local Catholic church has offered the group a large room to use for a sewing workshop.  If we spend the next quarts tuition on a private sewing teacher and find the money for 5 machines, our women can receive a better education.  Eventually, they would like to train other poor women to sew.  It seems right to us to leave the school and move to the church.  Our biggest need at the moment is sewing machines.  Good industrial, nonelectric machines cost 300 dollars each.  So we need to raise 1500 dollars as soon as we can.  It will also cost 500 dollars for a teacher for 3 months (August to October).  And it will cost about 300 dollars to cover the cost of renovating the room.  The church has a security guard.  It is a very poor area with a high crime rate.  And this is a very poor church.  It can not afford to pay for a PO Box.  We are extremely grateful they will allow us to use these rooms rent free.

When I consider the large amount of money that needs to be raised in a short time I feel really afraid.  Yesterday I told Sylvia we should go ahead and make this move.  It seems like the correct thing to do.  But we do not have the money.  So I felt really afraid.  And then I thought about Olive.  She burnt her leg.  She had no money.  She could not sleep, and she could smell her leg starting to rot.  She could not work.  So there was no money for food and no money for rent.  She felt fear.  Much more fear than what I feel now.  And God provided what she needed.  He delivered her.  And I felt pretty sober.  Because I have so much and hardly ever need to trust God.  I do not want to disappoint these women.  But I know it is not me that meets their needs.  God will use the generosity of many.  And I hope you will consider helping.  The pay pal link is here.  We also have a go fund me page.  And I will accept cash.  100% will go to Kampala Teen MOPS.  I do not keep anything for myself.  Thank you so much.  

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