The Kingdom

 It's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda.

This week It's been frustrating for me personally. I am trying to recover from having a very bad flu. I have so much to do, but only the energy to do the smallest things. And in Uganda, it's actually the same. We have great hopes and dreams but lack the resources to live up to the dreams. The economy has slowed down. The women at Lilly Avenue couldn't pay the store rent, so we had to help them. The women and kids at Suubi center have no mattresses or blankets. It's the rainy season. They are cold. The children have been using the bed nets as blankets. That of course makes them ineffective as bed nets. And we see malaria cases go up because of this. I just didn't realize they were sleeping on the floor without blankets. They are all new women and kids. And I guess I assumed they had what they needed. I was wrong. It seems every week I get a new lesson on how poor a person can be. Why does absolute poverty still surprise me after 6 years? But it does. It's painfully slow and it is shocking. Every week I feel a new shock. It's humbling. It's so sad. Consequently, we sent funds for blankets and mattresses. It cost about 2300 USD to cover 30 people. It's not like we had the extra money. But I would be ashamed to have our children sleeping on the concrete floor without a blanket. We can at least give them a blanket.
I pray and keep getting the word, seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. In context, Jesus is addressing the worry of the people. What shall we eat, what will we drink and what will we wear? But Jesus says don't worry. Your heavenly Father knows what you need. Instead, seek the kingdom. So I guess that is my prayer this week. I pray we hit the mark when it comes to the kingdom. The rest God knows about. The rent, the school, the food, the medical costs, the building costs, etc...God knows. But he cares about blankets and mattresses. And giving them a blanket is the kingdom. " True religion undefiled before God the Father is this, to help the fatherless and widows in their distress and keep yourself spotless from the world. " James 1:27
The Lilly Avenue women met this week. They are sad because we only have funds for tutoring. I am sad too. But Kampala has doubled the school fees. We need to consider moving these families away from Kampala. They are not open to the possibility of a move yet. But we basically will never be able to afford the costs in Kampala. I see no other solution. The photos are of the women's meeting. They are sad they couldn't afford the rent and sad about tutoring instead of school. I pray God gives us the wisdom to accept what we can not change. That he opens new doors for us. That we get transplanted into an environment where everyone can thrive. I mean the Lilly Avenue women and children. I think it's God directing us out of the city. But even if it's right, it has to be an idea the 20 women from Lilly Avenue

and their 32 kids also choose to do. We need direction and the resources to move. They struggle to survive. I wish for them to thrive. I pray they can find joy every day. The burden of this world is far too heavy for such young women.