We are a community

 It's Friday and I am asking you to pray for Suubi Teen MOPS in Uganda. Actually, it's Thursday but I am traveling on Friday so you get the prayer letter early this week.

Today is a holiday in Germany. It's the day Catholic young people take their first communion. The day they join the church. I am not Catholic so I will not try to pretend I understand the significance of the day. But it's a very special day for many. And being in a community is so valuable. We drove around the countryside and saw flowers everywhere and heard bells chime in the small churches. Suubi is a community. It is a place of love and support for so many teen moms and their children. And we celebrate all the people who regularly take time to pray for us. Please pray for God to provide everything that we need. And pray that Suubi will be a light in the community, and a testimony of hope.
The women have worked so hard in the garden. They are harvesting the beans. They have giant patches of pumpkin and corn. And very soon they hope to have fresh eggs. They are prepared raised beds along the paths built from bricks made at the center. And we are preparing to plant a few acres of ginger. The profits will help cover the costs of the program. Suubi is moving towards becoming self-sustainable. But they need money to run the program. At least for now. Eventually, ginger and perhaps rabbit farming will give them the funds to be 100% self-sustainable. Please pray we get additional help with the money to invest in ginger seeds and plowing, and building more buildings, and water tanks.
The kids are all doing well in tutoring. All our sponsorship families will be getting updated photos and a letter from the kids in the next two weeks. But we need 2nd sponsor for all of our kids. School fees and supplies have literally doubled in price. And we feel adding 2nd sponsor for each child is the only solution to our problem. Please pray we can find 50 additional new families. It was a miracle to find the first sponsorship families. I realize it's hard but not impossible. And education is a miracle for our kids.
Please pray for the health and safety of our people. There continue to be many challenges with sickness and snakes. The roads are not safe. We need rain. I can go on and on. But pray for the peace and safety of our Suubi family. Thank you!
Find out more about Suubi Teen MOPS on our website. There is information about being a sponsored family

and donating. Have a safe weekend!