They passed out pads today

I am just getting news about the sanitary pad project.  Many of you know that 30% of the girls in Uganda drop out of school when they begin having their period.  Sanitary pads cost one dollar and ten cents for 10 pads.  The average person makes 1 to 2 dollars a day.  Pads cost too much.  And the girls either stay home during their period or have accidents with blood leaking through their cloths.  And so many just leave school.  When our moms in Kampala started to sew, they decided to sew washable sanitary pads for a school with 300 girls.  They sewed 1800 pads last fall.  Today they handed them out.  The delay was due to the long Christmas vacation.  

 4 of the MOPS moms from Kampala went to hand out pads and to teach the girls how to use them and how to wash them.  Unfortunately the school has grown since last year.  And the number of girls has grown.  So instead of each girl getting 6 pads, they all only got 3.  The need is overwhelming.  I guess the workshop will need to do some more sewing.  

These girls at this school walk miles to reach school and then walk back to their home  When they go back home they still have a challenge of walking miles collecting water which is also one of the reason for teenage pregnancy.  Girls are getting raped at the well.  We want to investigate building water wells near the school.  

The schools have no running water so it is the children's responsibility to collect water miles away for the school to cook their porridge.  

The need for pads are causing girls to get pregnant at an early age.  Some girls sleep with village men for pads. Sometimes girls ask for lifts because of the  long distance from home to school.  It is a hard life.  Many of the moms in Kampala understand this too well.  
Many of these girls live on one meal a day.
The teachers have requested a workshop on how to make pads.  Maybe we should donate a few sewing machines to this school as well?  

As an NGO Suubi Teen MOPS  is required by the government  to eventually  open at least 6 groups in 6 different districts of Uganda.  This is a 10 year goal of our NGO.  And one thing Sylvia thinks we should do for this school is provide a school bus to protect these girls.  It is nothing we can afford to do now.  But it is a dream.  And they need prayer.